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It’s like my house just got contacts and now has 20/20 vision!

Local Ahwahtukee Based Family-Owned Professional Window Cleaning

Do you remember the last time that your windows were cleaned? Living in Ahwatukee, it's natural that your windows will be affected by dust, storms, and other elements. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying your beautiful South Mountain views.

At Cousin’s Window Cleaning, we are a family-run business. With over 15 years of window cleaning and customer service experience, you can trust that we’ll take care of your windows and home as if it were our own.

Indoor window cleaning in Ahwatukee, AZ
Window cleaning by Cousin's Window Cleaning, Ahwatukee

Family-Owned & Operated

By cousins Jamin & Jonathan
(nice to meet you!)

Quality Service

You can count on.
Every. Single. Time.

We Listen To Your Needs

And cater our service to them.

Insured & Experienced

For your peace of mind.
Cactus view in Arizona
Window cleaning in progress, Ahwatukee
"I saw Jamin at work on a house while talking a walk and got his business card, Cousins Window Cleaning. Two weeks later, Jamin came to my house right on schedule and cleaned the exterior windows and screens. He worked quietly and thoroughly and now it looks like my windows are gone because they are so clear. Amazing!!! Jamin is kind and polite and I highly recommend Cousins Window Cleaning. They will get the job done and done well."
Eliane c. via Google
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Window cleaning in Ahwatukee by Cousin's Window Cleaning

Enjoy the Satisfaction That Comes From Sparkling Clean Windows & Dust Free Screens!

Are your views hazy even on a sunny day? It only takes a little while for a film of dirt to build up on your windows. If left to sit too long, minerals in the dirt can build up on the glass and lead to hard water stains and possibly permanent damage. To prevent this, we recommend having your exterior windows cleaned at least twice a year.

Regular Cleaning Can Save You Money!

Regular maintenance means longer life for your older windows and provides opportunities to find any defects in your new windows while your warranty is still in effect.

At Cousin’s Window Cleaning, our experienced team has a 5 step premium process for cleaning your windows and sills:

Apply soap to release the buildup of grease, grime, and airborne contaminants.
Scrub with bronze or steel wool to remove hard water spots.
Your windows are squeegeed clean removing water and dirt from the glass.
Edges, corners, and sills are wiped clean.
Before we leave, we double check each window for streaks or drips.
Screen removal on ladder, AhwatukeeScreen being installed again after cleaning in AhwatukeeWindow cleaning on ladder in AhwatukeeScreen cleaning in progress in AhwatukeeWindow cleaning by Cousin's Window Cleaning
Window cleaning in progress in Ahwatukee

Did you know we provide high dusting too?

I am interested!
Window restoration by Cousin's Window Cleaning in Ahwatukee, AZ

Window Restoration Service

If your windows have been damaged, it can be difficult to know whether to replace them altogether or if they can be fixed. At Cousin's Window Cleaning, we provide a professional window restoration service to help you keep your windows and ensure they are restored to their former glory.

We use professional equipment and techniques to remove hard water, vandalism damage from acid etching, graffiti, sandpaper, etc., and can also remove damage from welding or grinder splatter. Before you replace your damaged window, call us!

Close-up view of hard water stains on window before window restorationCompletely restored window by Cousin's Window Cleaning
"Cousin's Window Cleaning experience was very well done in a professional, courteous, timely and responsive manner. The owners were just great to work with in explaining their process as they completed their work. They took great care of one window that was severely spotted with hard water and now it looks as good as new! I am a very satisfied client and I highly recommend Cousin's Window Cleaning services!"
Frank S. via Google
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Get To Know Cousins Window Cleaning

Cousins Window Cleaning was founded in 2019 by two cousins, Jamin and Jonathan. Jamin has been cleaning windows for nearly 20 years, Jonathan has 17 years in customer service. Our goal is to provide outstanding window cleaning services in the Phoenix area. We love working for ourselves and standing behind what we do. We value honesty and integrity, and clean every window as if it was our own. We listen to your wants and provide a high level of service every time.

"Excellent communication. Excellent quality. Friendly. On-time. I plan to use Cousins Window Cleaning again."
Marian P. via Google
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